Luiza Monserrat

Artist_Architecture, São Paulo_brazil - Manly_Australia

Coloring my world and my surroundings so I try to take life with more art and more color

Born and raised in São Paulo, with a strong Argentinian background, Luiza Monserrat (lupi), is an architect by trade with the soul of an artist. She has found in the fine arts a way to express her feelings and passions. Her work has influences from both the precision of the architectural lines and poetry of the organic shapes from nature.

After graduating in bachelor degree from the Faculdade de Belas Artes she has started three years ago her artistic path. Since the beginning of university she has started to become aware of her surroundings, the city and the artistic interventions in the streets, the feeling to become part of that was born.

Following her passions, she has developed a project to marry her love for the Spanish dance, the Flamenco and her art onto the same canvas.

As an artist she has taken part in events from painting live at parties to big wall mural like the one in the São Paulo airport. She has developed commercial projects for coffee houses and restaurants. Participated in the conceptualisation and execution of the art exhibition "Tranformação" in 2013, was invited by the Ibrasurf for the production of murals and skateboard painting in their surf events.

She was invited by Infraero to paint an indoor mural in the busy São Paulo airport and later, together with other great artists she painted the outside murals in celebration to the 460th anniversary of the city of São Paulo.

Now as resident of Sydney, keeps focuses on the evolution and dissemination of her art, with the influence of surf, she is using broken surfboards as her canvases to express the marriage of art and sustainability.

In regards her architectural career, she express her art through functionality, colours, and shapes who interact with our daily lives.


Architecture Coordinator at Biselli & Katchborian
march 2011 – Present Sao Paulo _ Brazil
Intern _ Light design at Ana Spina
2010 – 2011 Sao Paulo _ Brazil
Intern_Architecture at Estudio America
2009 – 2010 São Paulo, Brazil


Architecture and Urbanism at University Belas Artes of São Paulo
2007 – 2012


Agricultural Exhibition Center Planaltina (CEAP), honorable mention
YUL-MTL 17km Gateway Corridor Re-qualification, honorable mention
Castro Alves Theater, 1st Prize
Paineiras Hotel _ Rio de Janeiro _ Brazil, 1st prize
Natal Plaza, 2nd prize


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